General Scholarships:

Each year, NAJC provides about 70 academic scholarships, for college education in India, to academically brilliant but needy students. Each scholarship, although dependent on individual needs, is up to Rs. 30,000 per year and continues till student graduates so long as the student does well academically.

NAJC would very much like to create endowment for these scholarships and expand the scope.


Perpetual Scholarships and Other Programs:

NAJC has endowed funds as Fixed Deposits for the following scholarships so that these scholarships are available in perpetuity with the income derived from the deposited funds.

  1. Smt. Lajja Vati Scholarships: Nitika Dabas, daughter of Dev & Sumedha, provides 8 scholarships per year (full expenses paid: tuition, uniform, books, etc.) at Rathora School to girls who stand first in their respective classes. Nitika started these scholarships, in her grandmother’s name, with the money she received as gift for her 16th birthday and family added to it.
  2. Sh. Mehar Singh Memorial Scholarships:Santosh & Ram Arya provide 22 scholarships/year at Nagauri School in memory of Santosh’s father. Each boy & girl who stands first in class receives the scholarship.
  3. Ch. MS Jaglan Memorial Scholarships: Created by Anil Jaglan in his father’s memory at Sukh Ram Memorial Public School, Kalirawan, Hisar. Students standing first and second in 1st thru 9th grades receive the scholarship.
  4. Ch. MS Jaglan Memorial Scholarships: Created by Anil Jaglan in his father’s memory at Daya Nand Mahila Girls Science College, Jhunjhunun. Students who stand first, second and third in their respective class receive the scholarship.
  5. Harish Pal Memorial Science Scholarships: Created by Ram S. Arya and friends in memory of their classmate Harish Pal at Sukh Ram Memorial School, Kalirawan. Students achieving first and second position in a special science test in 9th and 10th grades receive the scholarship.
  6. Dr. G R Verma Math Scholarships: Ram and Santosh Arya established 8 scholarships at SRMP School, Kalirawan in honor of eminent mathematician and philanthropist Dr. G R Verma. Each student who achieves first or second position in a special math test in class 5th thru 8th grades receives the scholarship.
  7. Need Based Student Sponsorships:Indra Pal and Pankaj Dhillon sponsor three students each at SRMP School, Kalirawan. Sponsors pay for full tuition fees for the needy students.
  8. Ch. MS Jaglan Memorial GK Trophy: A special General Knowledge competition is held at Sukh Ram Memorial Public School every year in October amongst regional schools and the students who achieve 1st, 2ndand 3rd position in Primary (3rd thru 5th grades), Middle (6th thru 8th grades), High (9th and 10th grades) and Higher Secondary School (11th & 12th grades) receive cash prizes and the Principal of the school whose team achieved the highest points receives the coveted trophy for that year.
  9. Sports Facilities and Training: Sponsored by Anil Jaglan at Sukh Ram Memorial Public School for Basketball and Soccer (Football). Financial help to create the infrastructure and specialized coaching is being provided to prepare male and female students for Regional and State competitions. Since 2013, Girls Football Team has been the Zonal Champion every year.

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