Hoshiari Devi Girls Intercollege

Rathora, Baghpat, UP


Principal Sponsors:


A non-profit charitable organization dedicated to secular projects such as village community halls, medical dispensaries, and schools.

The Hoshiari Devi Girls Intercollege was founded by Dr. and Mrs. Jagbir Singh in 1998 to provide affordable, secular educational facilities to girls in the village Rathora and its nearby villages in Western Uttar Pradesh, India.

The school is named after Smt. Hoshiari Devi, who was born into a family of very modest means in Rathora. Hoshiari Devi received no formal education, having never attended school, but she valued it greatly. Fourth and the youngest child of Shrimati Hoshiari Devi, Jagbir Singh, received his education in Rathora up to the fourth grade. He then walked back-and-forth 2 miles to Chaprouli for the next three grades. Not a single girl from Rathora attended school in those days. In the nearly seven decades that have passed, awareness of the need for educating girls in villages has increased, but facilities did not exist for them to receive even a primary education.

Prior to the founding of the Girls School, the village Rathora had nominal facilities for co-education up to the fifth grade. Still, after the fifth grade, children were made to walk back-and-forth to Chaprouli to continue their education, just as they did in 1950. Parents fear for the well being of their daughters in commuting to Chaprouli using unreliable transportation or walking on foot. These safety concerns, coupled with the tight financial restraints of village families, limited opportunities for girls to receive an education.

In 1999, the village Panchayat (local government) donated a piece of land to Arya Gram Vikas Samiti for construction of the school building. Since then, and as of now, the campus consists of 14 classrooms, science labs for chemistry, physics and home sciences, a spacious library, a computer lab, a high ceiling multi-purpose hallway, offices for teaching and administrative staff, and a reception room. The Campus provides basic sanitation facilities, a steady supply of drinking water, and well-kept open spaces and grounds for games. The boundary walls encompassing the campus provide a safe environment, and ongoing maintenance keeps the campus clean and beautiful. Two school buses run daily to accommodate transportation of students from nearby villages.

The School has 600 students enrolled in the current academic year and is FCRA registered and recognized by the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Education Board through the twelfth grade. This academic year, 60 out of 61 students passed UP Board exams with first division honors.

As in any institution, the quality of education depends upon dedicated teaching staff. Currently, the school charges the students a nominal tuition fee, and even this is waived for those who cannot afford it. The tuition income does not break even the expenses for running the school, although included in the forecasted ten-year plan is the goal to attain self-sufficiency.

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