Other Projects

Other Projects

Dayanand Mahila Shiksha Sansthan, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan: Dr. Ghasi Ram Verma and his friends started in 1982-83 a cooperative girls hostel that currently houses over 600 girls in the old and the newly constructed facilities. Sansthan also started MD Girls’ College of Science in 2003 and presently has over 900 girl students. NAJC members and Dr. Ghasi Ram Verma have contributed generously to this institution.

Keru Shiksh Sansthan, Jodhpur, Rajasthan: Established by Mr. Hanuman R. Choudhary, the sansthan manages a senior secondary school that runs on tuition-fees and donations. NAJC approved a donation of $10,000 for science labs and library ($5,000 each in 2004 & 2005).

Ghisa Ram Charitable Trust, Sultanpur Dabas, Delhi: Established by Sumedha and Dev Dabas in the memory of Dev's uncle. Ghisa Ram died in a wrestling match of his school team on December 19, 1969 at the very young age of 16. He was a champion and had great potential and was a very gentle and caring young man. Each year December 19 is Ghisa Ram Sports Day at his school and 50 awards are distributed to sportsmen of the school.

Devendra, Javelin Gold Medalist (Special Olympics 2004): NAJC has helped Devender, a resident of Rajgarh, Rajasthan, buy equipment and has sponsored his trips to various International competitions.

Om Parkash Soni Charitable Trust, Jagraon, Punjab: Founded in 1999 by Mr. Ashok K. Soni the trust runs a charitable medical clinic. The clinic provides medical assistance to poor and needy persons. Most of the funds are provided by Mr. Soni, through NAJC.

Mojiram Charitable Foundation, Harsana Kalan, Haryana: A trust founded in 2003 by Sushma & Kapoor Singh in Kapoor's late father’s name. Currently 20 young girls are enrolled in a free vocational training program (seamstress) that helps them become financially independent.

Grameen Mahila Siksha Sansthan, Sikar: Clinic & Other Financial Help -

Dr. BL Chowdhury and Mrs. Indu Chowdhury helped build and start a clinic at this institution. Institution has over thousand girl students with hostel facilities for over 500 girls. It started as a hostel for rural girls studying in Sikar, Rajasthan but later added a Higher Secondary School, College and Post-Graduate Studies College. Besides Clinic, NAJC contributed other financial help to the Sansthan.

Disasters and tragedies: NAJC helped financially in the following disasters and tragedies -

  1. Gujrat Earthquake
  2. September 11 Fund
  3. NYPBA Widows Fund
  4. Tsunami Relief Fund
  5. Hurricane Katarina Fund
  6. Haiti Earthquake Fund