Shri Siddhanti Memorial Trust

Barhana, Jhajjar, Haryana

Principal Sponsors:


This non-profit organization run by Arya Samaj Barhana was founded in 1988 by Ch. Ved Mittar in memory of his brother Sh. Jagdev Singh Siddhanti. Ch.Ved Mittar donated 9.5 Acres of Agricultural land and 500,000 Rupees to the trust. Other financial help is provided by Ahlawat and Dabas families in US. The trust runs a free Ayurvedic Hospital, a public library, training camps for the youth (including wrestling) and a monthly Havan .

Jagdev Sidhanti (1900-1979) was born in Barhana. After a four year stint in the Army, he got Sidhant Bhushan degree and became a scholar of Sanskrit and Vedas. Sidhantiji was a participant in Jat Prajapati Mahayagna at Sikar in 1934 and represented Jhajjar as a Member of Parliament in 1962. He played a major role in creation of Haryana State.

Ch. Ved Mittar (1914-1999), born and raised in Barhana, graduated from DAV College, Lahore and joined State Services as Panchayat Officer and retired as Director. He was the only student selected to represent India in wrestling in 1936 Olympics. He migrated to US after retirement where his four sons and two daughters reside.